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Client Testimonials

"Why do I call Nasirah a yoga guru and not a yoga teacher?

“A teacher only teaches what he/she has studied. But a guru is a person who breaks you to transform a new you, better you or real you.” (From: Sadhak Mukesh, Founder at Yogic Lifestyle). I felt as though the approach that Nasirah uses will help to transform me to be a new, better, and real me. She does this by providing a safe and nurturing environment when you are in her virtual yoga studio. Although, it is virtual, our new normal, Nasirah is able to be intentional about her observations and her respectful feedback to you. She provides appropriate praise and accurate suggestions for corrections."


What have been the benefits in just a few weeks?
"I am getting more comfortable with the yoga movements, much more flexible as I transition
between poses, developing better breathing techniques, becoming more intentional about affirming
my positive and glorious self, and many more physical and mental benefits. I am so excited to
continue my yoga journey."

Nell, 68

Testimonials: Testimonials
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