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Greetings and welcome! I'm Nasirah Denisse. I’m a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with seven years of teaching experience. I love what I do! I love teaching yoga classes, working with my clients and hosting yoga events. What I really enjoy about all of this is witnessing the improvements people experience because of their consistent yoga practice. I've worked with: student athletes and teachers in schools; corporate employees; girls' night in and birthday parties; fitness studios; cities and parks; and the YMCA. I enjoy instructing experienced yogis that are looking to level up. And I especially enjoy working with people that are just starting to explore yoga and meditation. I  teach various styles of yoga--including yin, vinyasa, and power--but I specialize in creating a practice specific to my clients’ needs. My clients say they really like the personable attention I give to their whole health/goals and the tone of my voice (specifically during meditation). :)

Yoga Instructor

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About 12 years ago, I started experiencing pain and inflammation in my knees, hip and shoulder. My body was screaming, "Slow down!" I had to listen. I had to find something different to relieve my pain but still allow me to stay active and in shape. So, I started doing yoga. I quickly felt relief in my joints, saw an improvement in my physique and an uplift of my spirit. I'm a testament to yoga's wonders. It's important to me that I spread the healing.

When your body talks to you,
you better listen.

Yoga instructor

As a yoga instructor, I really believe in total body wellness and self-care. My clients continue to come to me because of what I add to their lives.

For many of us, self-care gets put on the "back burner"  and too often we’re pouring from an empty cup. Yoga heals, restores, and strengthens on every level–inside and out. I love that I am able to help people transform and achieve their wellness goals. 

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