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Welcome to Yoga Infinitum where the possibilities are infinite. 

This space has been created for discovering yoga as a practice of self-care and a means to whole body wellness. Here, you're invited to nurture your body, cultivate your mind and nourish your spirit.


I offer customized virtual and in-person yoga sessions to assist you on your wellness journey. Weekly virtual classes; one-on-one sessions; private/corporate group sessions; and events are planned to empower and strengthen, as well as restore and relieve.  Whether you have never done yoga before or have practiced yoga for years, I'd love to share the infinite triumphs of yoga with you. Ready?


Yoga teacher

The benefits of yoga are infinite!

It's exercise, yes...and so many other things.

Yoga is healing.

It fortifies and restores on every level. Yoga improves sleep, mobility, strength, flexibility, weight loss and reduces symptoms of inflammation, depression and anxiety.

​Yoga Infinitum is about being limitless, fulfilling our potential and being our best selves. Our community believes in putting time aside for self-care and supporting each other as we move forward--honoring our past and appreciating the present. We collectively see improvement in our health through our consistent yoga practice. The changes are beautiful! Join us?


Why yoga? Why here?

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The Possibilities
Are Infinite